Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Online TV App for Android

Online TV app ni application inayokuwezesha kuangalia TV stations za ndani na nje ya nchi kupitia simu yako ya mkononi.

             Bonyeza link hapa chini kuipakua

Tuesday, July 05, 2016

IDMcc for Firefox Update

Click the button below to perform a fresh installation or to update your existing Internet Download Manager for IDM addon.
This version will be always up-to-date and should work with the current Firefox beta version and previous versions.

Compatible with Firefox 48 beta, Firefox 47, 46 and older versions. IDM cc version: IDM CC 6.25.21
MD5 checksum: 73cb6ca4abfb1986ef6b7b3acee716e7

How to Install / Update

It only requires a few mouse clicks (keystrokes if you are a nerd) to install or update the addon. Just follow the steps below.
Show me a video instead!
  1. Click the "Install" button above
  2. Firefox will prompt you to install the Firefox addon.
  3. Click "Allow" to this web site to install the addon in your browser
  4. Don't worry - it's simply safe and only provides IDM integration to your buddy.
  5. Keep looking at the progress bar
  6. While your browser is downloading the addon, look at this beautiful Firefox Cup Cake!
  7. Click the "Install Now" button
  8. You will probably need to wait a few seconds until the "Install Now" button to activate.
  9. Restart Firefox
  10. Make sure you have finished all your work and click the Restart button. This will restart Firefox (duh) with the latest version of IDM cc addon installed. 
    6. Go to Firefox > Addons to make sure that the IDMcc Addon is installed and enabled!

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Thursday, June 16, 2016

How to Recover Files from a Corrupted USB Drive

Similar to a hard drive, a USB flash drive stores all its data in the memory & the operating system can later on fetch this data when required to be accessed. There can be various issues that may turn your USB drive data inaccessible. Such as if the drive is un-mounted improperly from the port, it can lead to data corruption. Another reason can be invalid data in the Master Boot Record (MBR) or Partition Boot Record (PBR) or directory structure on the USB drive.

But as you know, there is always a simple treatment for any problem. You just have to follow this simple guide to recover all your files from any corrupted drive. The method is very simple and depends on a cool recovery CMD trick that will let you to recover all files easily from your corrupted USB drive where you are unable to access files. Just follow these simple steps stated below to proceed.

Steps to be followed:

  1. First of all, insert your USB drive in computer and press Windows button and type
  2. Now right click on Command Prompt and select Run as admin.
  3. Now there type Chkdsk f: /r where f is the drive letter and which can be different in your computer. (Check it out in your system)

  4. Now verifying process of files and folders will start and you will be able to see the process (in per cents) there.
  5. If you receive an error saying that your drive is not windows XP drive, then simply enter Y
  6. Now when the process completes it will ask you for Convert Lost Chains into Files, simply answer yes.
  7. That’s it, your files will be automatically displayed in your Drive storage.
  8. If you see no items in your USB drive then simply type “.” (Dot without quotes) in search box top right corner and hit enter [because it may be hidden].

DNS Server Not Responding – How to Fix it on Windows 7/8/8.1/10 

Fix DNS Server Not Responding error:  You may often face a website showing the error message ‘DNS Server Not Responding’ while browsing for any purpose. When first time I saw this error while searching for my project work, I thought it was my browser problem. Then I shift to another browser and tried to open the same web page. Still it shows the error DNS Server Not Responding. After that, I go for the diagnostic tool which appears on the page that was seeing the error. Then searched for the issue and finally got the perfect solution to fix this error.
There are many internet users who regularly looking for the solutions to fix this error. If you’re one of them then you can easily resolve it. That’s why today I am going to show you the easy steps through which you can easily fix this DNS Server Not Responding error. Let us first talk about some basic things.

What is DNS?

Let me clear you one thing  first, I am not going to discuss this topic deeply here as it’s not the main purpose of this post. Just giving you the brief description. DNS or Domain Name Server is a type of internet service which translates the domains into the Internet Protocol (IP) addresses in which the internet deals with. So, it’s an essential part of the internet.
There may be various reasons or elements are responsible for the server failure or DNS Server Not Responding error.

Reasons behind getting the DNS Server Not Responding error:

The possible reasons are:
  • The DNS service might not be working or get corrupted.
  • It may be possible that the firewall application or the security software accidentally blocked the IP address of your PC and banned the connection to certain sites.
  • Another possibility is, due to the technical reasons the host server of the site might get down for temporary periods.

Steps on fixing DNS Server Not Responding error:

This is the step by step tutorial which will give you the exact solution.
Step 1:
First of all, go to the ‘Start’ menu and open ‘Control Panel’.
Step 2:
In Control Panel, go to ‘Network and Internet’ >> ‘Network and Sharing Center’ >> ‘Change adapter Setting’. Change Adapter settings option will be on the top left of the window.
Step 3:
Here, you will see all the list of your internet connections. Select the one in which you are presently connected and then right click and go the properties.
Step 4:
You have to now double click on ‘Internet Protocol version 4 (TCP/IPv4)’ option.

Internet Protocol version 4 (TCP/IPv4)
Step 5:
Now, make your click on ‘use the following IP address’ option.
On Preferred DNS server, put – 208. 67. 222. 222
On Alternate DNS server, put – 208, 67, 220, 220
After, that click on the ‘Validate’ option and click ‘OK’ to finish. In the router configuration also, you have to enter the same address.
Step 6:

Now you have to install and configure Open DNS. After that, in the Network Adapter Settings, you need to enter the physical address.
Step 7:
Now, again go to the Start menu and type ‘CMD’ in the search option. A window will appear. Type ‘IPCONFIG/ALL’ and hit enter.
Step 8:
From here, note down the physical address which is under ‘Wireless LAN adapter Wireless Network Connection’ as shown in the image.

dns server not responding
Step 9:
Now, repeat step 2 and step 3. Click on the ‘config’ option. Go to the ‘Advanced’ >> ‘Network Address’. Here you need to enter the physical address which you noted down earlier. (Remove the dashes in between the numbers).

dns server
Step 10:
Now, click ‘OK’ and simply restart your computer.
I hope that, after performing all the above-given steps, you will be able to successfully resolve the DNS Server Not Responding error. After resolving your issue don’t forget to share this with your all friends who might need this little help

Adaptive Headlights 101 – Tech Tip Tuesday

Adaptive Headlights
When considering safety features, headlights probably don’t come to mind. In reality, headlights are a vital safety feature. Whether it’s spotting a pedestrian that didn’t look both ways, or a deer that emerges from a grassy ditch, a good set of headlights can help reduce accidents. The IIHS now evaluates headlights alongside crash-testing to determine some vehicle’s safety ratings. If your car has adaptive headlights, you may even pay a lower insurance premium. In this edition of Tech Tip Tuesday, we’re taking a look at adaptive headlights. This incredible technology takes night-time driving safety to the next level.

What Are Adaptive Headlights?

Adaptive headlights, as expected, are adaptive. They shift and adjust automatically to provide ideal illumination for a variety of driving conditions. Various forms of adaptive headlights have been around for the last decade. These systems have evolved and gained popularity slowly since then. Today, adaptive headlights can have some or all of the following characteristics.

Curve Lighting

Some adaptive lighting systems follow the road as it curves. Using sensors to measure speed, steering angle, and degree of rotation, the headlights will turn left or right to light the curved road, rather than the space in front of the car. The IIHS provides a simple explanation in the video below.

High Beam Assist

Rather than manually switching your headlights from high beam (bright) to low beam (dim) as you approach other drivers, many adaptive headlight systems will automatically switch between the two settings. Some advanced systems eliminate only the portion of high beam lighting that could affect oncoming drivers, fully illuminating all other areas. You can see this in the video below. This feature doesn’t just protect one car, it provides maximum illumination to all cars without blinding any drivers.

Pedestrian/Animal Spotlight

A more recent addition to the list of adaptive headlight capabilities is a pedestrian/animal spotlight. These systems detect objects on the roadsides, like a pedestrian or a deer, and produce extra illumination in the object’s direction. This could dramatically decrease accidents, repair bills, and even deaths. See Ford’s take on this system in the video below.


Now a requirement on all new US cars with bi-xenon headlights, self-leveling systems determine if a vehicle is tilted forward or back. The lights then adjust up or down accordingly. For example, when a car crosses a bump, generally the headlights will flash up toward the sky, then down into ground. With this system, the lights will continually point down the road ahead.

Are Adaptive Headlights Worth The Cost?

While some luxury cars offer standard adaptive headlights, they are generally considered a non-standard feature. The cost of adaptive headlights will vary dramatically between makes. Is it worth it to pay hundreds, or even thousands more for this safety technology?
The IIHS has tested and proven that adaptive headlights help driver’s spot objects earlier. Certainly, increased reaction time will decrease night time motor accidents. The IIHS also found that vehicles with adaptive headlights paid up to 10% lower rates for property damage liability insurance. With this in mind, only 7% of police-reported crashes occur between 9 PM and 6 AM that involve more than 1 vehicle.

Adaptive HeadlightsHere’s our take.

Upgrade to adaptive headlights if you can achieve significantly lower insurance costs. These headlights could pay for themselves. If you drive in areas with frequent car to animal crashes, these headlights are a great choice. Is safety a top priority? Is peace of mind on the road valuable to you? You’ll probably be glad you upgraded.
Don’t upgrade to adaptive headlights if you’re most concerned about vehicle to vehicle crashes, as they are very rare at night (less than 10% of all reported accidents). If you are simply trying to get the most car for your money, safety features like adaptive headlights can add thousands to the sticker price.

Vehicles with Adaptive Headlights

While luxury vehicles are more likely to have available or standard adaptive headlights, most major non-luxury makes now offer this technology in at least part of its vehicle lineup. In the 2014 model year, 14% of new vehicles had standard adaptive headlights, and it was optional on 22% of vehicles. The newer the car, the more likely it is to have some level of adaptive headlights as optional or standard.

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